Eco Friendly Sportswear UK Wide Must Truly Make A Difference To Count

Eco friendly sportswear UK wide means clothing designed for use in sports and leisure activities that is not harmful to the environment or is earth friendly. The problem with the term ‘eco-friendly’ is that it is used so often these days, in so many contexts, that it is in danger of becoming meaningless. If you want to uphold eco-friendly habits and practices, you need to become aware and conscious of how you source the resources you use in your everyday life. For ethical sportswear, that means ensuring the qualifications of the product you buy are in alignment with your own values.

Eco Friendly Sportswear UK

What Sportswear Promoted As Eco Friendly Should Look Like

What standards should clothing uphold in order to claim that it is eco friendly sportswear UK wide? There are two main aspects. The first is that any eco-friendly product should keep the protection of the environment in mind. The second is that it should be produced in environments and from materials that support human safety. As a very minimum, manufacturers and suppliers should be ensuring that the products they supply are non-toxic. But it’s right to expect more from eco friendly gym wear and sportswear. It should be manufactured from sustainably grown materials in ways that don’t deplete the precious natural resources our planet supplies. In terms of clothing, for instance, that means it should be produced from sources that are sustainable; in other words, that can be maintained at existing levels. So, if materials like wood come from sustainable sources, then as many new trees are replanted as are used in goods production.

Can I Buy Eco Friendly Workout Gear UK Wide?

So what materials are your clothes made from, and do they come from sustainable sources? As an example, some types of eco friendly workout gear UK wide products are made from Tencel, which is produced from the eucalyptus tree. The eucalyptus has many advantages that makes it a highly sustainable natural resource. For a start, this species is incredibly fast-growing, and when it’s harvested to use in manufacturing, it is cut back rather than being entirely uprooted. This means the trees continue to live; and because of the eucalyptus’s speedy growth, they replace themselves more quickly than other species. That gives the trees their renewable credentials. The second significant advantage comes when producing Tencel from the eucalyptus. The only chemical required in processing is a solvent, amine oxide, which dissolves the wood pulp. Unlike the solvents required for processing wood pulp in other species, amine oxide is non-toxic and organic; what’s more, over 99% of it can be reused, minimising the environmental impact.

Eco Friendly Sportswear UK From Orontay Ltd Is Made From Tencel, And So Is Sustainable

These are just two reasons why our team at Orontay Ltd has chosen the eucalyptus tree and its by-product, Tencel, in manufacturing our eco friendly sportswear UK wide. Not only does Tencel have great environmental credentials, it’s also brimming with fabulous qualities that make our sportswear high performing. For instance, it’s baby-soft against the skin, breathable and moisture absorbing. You can find out much more about why our sportswear beats the competition throughout our website, Then why not place an order with us? We’re always delighted to answer any questions. Call us on 0117 321 0319 or email the team direct at today.