Ethical Gym Wear - Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Ethical gym wear is rising in popularity as more and more of us choose to take individual responsibility for the environment and the wider world we live in. No longer content with simply making our clothing choices based on price and fashion alone, we now expect more, both from our wardrobes and from the clothing manufacturers that fill them. There’s a new drive towards ethical sportswear UK and worldwide and that’s coming from consumers. To stay ahead of the game and to improve their own environmental credentials, manufacturers must keep up with that demand. And perhaps surprisingly, ethical doesn’t have to mean suffering increased discomfort or restricted performance.

Ethical Gym Wear

Why Ethical Sportswear Also Increases Comfort And Performance

If you do your research and choose your ethical gym wear in an informed way, you’ll find there are some fabrics that by far out-perform traditional materials like polyester and cotton. One of the very latest discoveries in the clothing world is Tencel. Produced from the ultimate sustainable natural raw material, wood, Tencel is not just environmentally friendly. it also offers better breathability than polyester, from which a lot of activewear has been previously typically been made. More than that, Tencel is far better for your skin when exercising than cotton. It has the ability to absorb 50% more moisture, preventing sweaty fitness sessions and uncomfortable chafing.

Choose Ethical Gym Wear UK Wide And Beyond From Innovative Orontay Ltd

If you demand more from your lifestyle and your clothing, take a look at the activewear and sportswear ranges offered by our company, Orontay Ltd. Driven by passion for what we do, and doing that in the most sustainable way possible, we use Tencel, a super sustainable fabric, in all our ethical gym wear to ensure our clothes are developed and manufactured responsibly. To find out more, visit our website at, and call us with any questions on 0117 321 0319. You can also email us at Why not follow us on Instagram too, to get all the latest photos, news and information about the clothing we stock?