Ethical Sportswear - Why And How To Choose The Right Kit For Your Work-Outs

Ethical sportswear is increasingly popular on the market and comes in all shapes and sizes. Like any sportswear, it is specially designed for a purpose, and that’s exercising in comfort – as well as, often, with a certain amount of style! But it is additionally valued by many consumers precisely because it bears the ethical label. If you are serious about both your values and your performance in the gym or on the sports field, then ethical sportswear is well worth the investment. In this article, we look at the reasons why and how to choose the best kinds of apparel for your sporting endeavours. Read on for more details.

Ethical Sportswear

Reasons Why The Right Sportswear Is Critical For Performance

You could just wear any loose fitting clothing when you visit the gym or go for a run – and many people do. But there are very good motives for seeking out the right clothing, not least if you’re a relative newcomer to the world of fitness. Firstly, having the right ethical sportswear can give a real boost to your confidence. It may sound shallow, but if you think you look wrong or out of place, for instance, then that can make you self-conscious and reluctant to get out there and exercise. Dressing in the best sports gear you can get is more likely to inspire you with self-confidence, and if you feel good, then you’re more likely to work out regularly. Not only that, but confidence breeds confidence, so the right gear will have a positive impact on your mood and there’s every chance you will perform better, simply because of that. Speaking of performance, the right ethical gym wear or sportswear will also affect that in a positive way too. The average top or t-shirt that’s not designed specifically for active wear is less likely to be comfortable if you’re exercising for long periods of time. Non-breathable materials, for instance, will prevent moisture from perspiration evaporating away from your body. This means you’ll become overheated very quickly. And that level of discomfort isn’t going to be sustainable for long – you’ll cut short your exercise time, which is not going to improve your ability, endurance or fitness levels! And that’s just two reasons why people do opt for specialist ethical gym wear UK wide, despite the extra cost.

More Advantages To Purchasing Ethical Sportswear UK Wide

Our next benefit to buying dedicated sportswear for your exercise sessions is again related to performance. Buying dedicated gym wear that fits, and fits properly, will enhance your freedom of movement. If you opt instead for kit just because it’s cheap or it’s not quite your size but you think it will do, you’ll find it’s less of an investment and more of a hindrance. Shorts that are too loose around the waist, or too tight elsewhere, can ride up or slide down when you’re moving around, which is a distraction at best and at worst, can restrict your movements. If your pants are overly long in the leg or too wide, they may become entangled with gym equipment or trip you over while you’re running. And clothing that’s too tight can prevent easy, free flowing motion or restrict you when you’re carrying out complex movements in the gym, for instance. So it’s well worth looking for specialist sportswear sellers when buying exercise wear. Moving on, you’ll notice in this article that we’ve also talked about the importance of opting for ethical sportswear UK wide – what’s the significance of the term ‘ethical’ in this context? Simply put, ethical sportswear brands UK wide put the importance not just on athletic clothing that’s fit for purpose when exercising. It’s also about sourcing that sports and gym wear in a way that ensures you’re not harming the planet in the choices you make when you buy such clothing.

Why Opt For Women’s And Mens Ethical Sportswear When Making Your Purchasing Decisions?

As individuals, we all have the responsibility to make the world a better place. As consumers, we have the power to do so by choosing to favour ethical goods over the alternatives. This sends a strong message to companies that decide not to source materials, labour and so on responsibly. By uniting behind ethical products and services, like those produced by ethical sportswear brands, consumers are able to effect change in the actions and the conduct of companies worldwide. There was a time when ethical goods were thought to be of a lesser standard. They were produced in the main by small, independent businesses that did not have the resources to make products in bulk; source the best available materials; have the best equipment; or pay close enough attention to quality. But there’s sufficient interest and drive now in ethical goods for people to support these smaller businesses and industries, so quality and availability is increasing. The more people who carry out what’s called positive buying – that is, actively favouring ethical products – the more support these forward-looking companies will receive. And that creates a virtuous circle where availability and quality increase still further. If you invest in women’s and mens ethical sportswear, not only are you purchasing great products that will help you work out better and for longer, you’re also helping to support sustainable development and a better quality of life for all people involved in the chain. One company that holds true to ethical values while offering sportswear that performs superbly while you exercise is Orontay Ltd.

Great Performing Ethical Sportswear For People Who Care About The Future From Orontay Ltd
At Orontay Ltd, we offer a range of quality ethical sportswear that can help you make a difference. Our brand and ranges are designed to be soft, comfortable and breathable, so you can wear our sportswear for long periods of time while working out without suffering from overheating or chafing. We’ve also chosen Tencel as the fabric used in our sportswear collections because it comes from a sustainable source. From less packaging and waste to assuring ourselves that the workplaces we use and maintain are ethical, we do our best to live up to high standards. Find out more on our website at and if you have queries or want clarification on any aspect, call us on 0117 321 0319 or email We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.